Full Spectrum Doula

What is a Full Spectrum Doula?

Doulas are most commonly known for working with families and individuals through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, but there is a growing movement to expand the Doula model of care to support a broader range of situations. Doulas who operate according to this philosophy are known as “full spectrum doulas.”

  • We envision pregnancy and birth as part of a full spectrum of reproductive and/or parenting experiences that includes (and is by no means limited to) fertility, pregnancy prevention, miscarriage and loss, abortion, surrogacy, adoption, conception through medical technologies, and the postpartum period. As Doulas, we provide educational, informational, physical, and emotional support for all of these choices and outcomes. In addition, we also know that each of these experiences are significant, and that they are interconnected. For example, if you’ve previously had an abortion, it might (or might not!) influence how you feel about your pregnancy and birth, your specific needs, and the type of Doula support you desire.
  • Full spectrum Doulas are pro-choice! We trust in your ability to make the decisions that are right for you, your body, and your family from a place of informed consent, and we will support you with no judgement. Families come in endless shapes, sizes, combinations, and means -- accordingly, our Doula support is never “one size fits all,” and we will meet you wherever you are on your path.
  • Janine will work to bring comprehensive, compassionate and thoughtful support to each phase of the journey. If you’d like to learn more -- I’d love to hear from you!

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Helping You Reach Your Greatest Accomplishment

"As a doula I provide professionalism with your best interest in mind."

"I enjoy helping clients achieve their birth desires whether it is a natural / unmedicated, hypno, or water birth, or vaginal birth after caesarean. I will help guide you when to use an epidural, if desired, to keep labor progressing and avoid a c-section. No matter what your birthing choices are, I'm there to support you."


Certified through Childbirth International and completing training and certification through ProDoula. Janine believes in ongoing education and training in order to stay abreast of pregnancy topics and trends from both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.



Trusted Labor/Birth Doula. Served hundreds of families. Janine has assisted through antepartum, labor and delivery, and postpartum by providing unbiased physical and emotional support to families in several types of situations. Janine comes to you to support YOUR birth without any hidden agendas.



"Janine is the most caring, comforting doula you could possibly imagine. She made my birthing process much more peaceful and calming. She is a treasure!" Michelle

"Before getting pregnant, I was planning to have Janine as my doula. However, she moved to Kansas City, and shortly after that I got pregnant with our first baby! Thankfully, although I was not able to use Janine’s doula services to the full, we were able to talk on the phone whenever I had questions concerning my pregnancy, and even after the birth of our beautiful baby boy. I have to say that having Janine’s advice and support has been a huge blessing and relief to me! There were some concerning things I was experiencing (at least in my mind since this was my first) that Janine was able to help me though and give me advise and understanding on. Every time I would speak to Janine, she would calm my fears with her knowledge and I would get off the phone with so much peace of mind! Janine is not only a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the whole experience of pregnancy and child birthing, but she is also a woman with deep love and compassion. She will truly have your best interest in mind and she’s easy to talk to and share with. I would highly recommend Janine for her doula services! She loves what she does and it shows." Lorraine

"Jen (Janine) is great; she made me feel comfortable talking to her and was very knowlegdable about natural pregnancy and birthing methods. I would highly recommend her services." Jamie

"Jen helped make my delivery go so smoothly! She knows a lot when it comes to delivering babies naturally and I wouldn't have wanted the delivery to go any other way. She's so easy going and such a joy to be around. Who better to help deliver your baby than Jen!" Jessica


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